Our Commitment to Green Services

The Kings Landscapes Commitment to Green Landscaping Services 

As a company, Kings Landscapes is proud to provide commercial and residential customers with a range of environmentally friendly green landscaping services. A desire to protect the natural environment runs through all of the work that we do from planning to maintenance, and that’s why we’re re-stating our commitment to delivering sustainable landscaping projects.

Whether you are looking for advice on how to plan a green space that integrates water conservation into its design or want to think about how water irrigation systems can be used to reduce water consumption, Kings Landscapes can help. We also consider the environmental impact of the materials we use, from reducing the use of concrete to ensuring that all timber is responsibly sourced, as well as investigating where we can utilise the materials that are already on site.


Kings Landscapes also thinks about energy consumption, and can design, supply and fit energy efficient lighting for any size of project, whether we are working on a residential garden or a large-scale commercial development. In addition, as experts in arboriculture, Kings Landscapes are well-placed to advise clients on how trees can be used across a site to support the environment, not only by taking CO2 out of the atmosphere, but also by helping to control temperatures.

Finally, we take our commitment to providing green services into our maintenance division. Kings Landscape uses electric tools to eliminate harmful emissions, as well as reducing fuel costs. The use of electric tools also leads to almost zero noise pollution, creating a peaceful as well as clean environment.

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